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3D Animation, Simulation : Ocean : Creation and animation [ Blender ]

oceanAmong the new features that have been added to the new version of Blender is a complete system able to reproduce the behavior of the sea, called “Ocean”.

From a calm sea with huge waves of a stormy ocean, Ocean allows a complex animation with a simple system in which we define the most representative variables of these phenomena.


Modifier Ocean

Need to use this tool from a surface you apply the modifier “Ocean”.

The cube reference we have to start the application, or a simple plane, will serve for this purpose.

When applying a surface modifier is generated with a set of basic parameters default.

These parameters can be changed to increase the detail or resolution of the grid, the amplitude and frequency of the waves etc..

Subsequently, you can animate the whole yielding a surface that vary over time creating the effect of a dynamic sea.

The geometry can be obtained from any surface. There are two basic models:

  • Generate: From any element generates a predetermined measurement surface.
  • Displace: Maintains the shape of the surface-generating, modifying its altimetry, z coordinate of vertices, to produce the effect of motion.

Ocean modifier variables

The different variables specify the height of the waves, frequency … etc.. The parameter determines the animation is the variable “Time”. To create the animation we will locate a frame to insert “key frames” associated with this variable.

Animar la variable Time

Encourage the variable Time

Will enter a value and press the key “I” to insert the key animation. Then we move into Timeline to a new frame, introduce a new value and a new animation key, press again “I”.
Calculated elsistema animation to move from the first to the new added value “Time”. The greater the difference between these values, more rapid the movement.

Bake ocean

Bake ocean

You can calculate the animation and store in a cache on the computer. This is interesting when the calculation model is complex (much resolution) and we can not calculate this real time animation.

You can see an example in :


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