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Formula 1 Shanghai, China [ Imagen ][ #F1 ]

circuito_shangai_thumbThe third race of the season 2013-2014 formula 1, F1, Racing in the Shanghai Chinese circuit.

This circuit, involved in this category of vehicles since 2004, serve to see the new enhancements that provide the teams in their continuing effort to fight against the timers technologically.

Fans of the sport will enjoy again one of the best grills out of history.

As several of the other racetracks Formula 1 Built in the early 2000, Shanghai was designed by architect circuit German Hermann Tilke. Its shape evokes the figure of the Chinese character shang (On), meaning “above” or “up” and part of the word itself Shanghai.(W)

A full circuit of symbolism, as it can not be otherwise given its location, in the most ancient culture that has survived to date.

A embroidery, their first curves form the famous symbol yin y yang. (W)

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Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China