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Formula 1 España, Montmelo [ Imagen ][ #F1 ]

The Grand Prix of Spain 2013 is the fifth round of the World Formula 1. The Catalan circuit of Montmelo, also called Circuit de Catalunya or Barcelona, hosts this top flight career.

Fernando Alonso, who started in fifth position on the grid, is the winner of this edition.

Circuit 4,627 kilometers Alonso has had a winner in the year 2006. Congratulations Champion !

Formula 1 Sakhir, Baréin [ Imagen ][ #F1 ]

The Sakhir circuit, since 2004, became the first circuit in the Middle East to participate in the world of formula 1.
A circuit involved in controversial political issues inside this small Persian Gulf state, which suspended the publication of 2011.
A path in which Fernando Alonso is the driver who has won more times (2005, 2006, 2010).

Formula 1 Shanghai, China [ Imagen ][ #F1 ]

The third race of the season 2013-2014 formula 1, F1, Racing in the Shanghai Chinese circuit.

This circuit, involved in this category of vehicles since 2004, serve to see the new enhancements that provide the teams in their continuing effort to fight against the timers technologically.
Fans of the sport will enjoy again one of the best grills out of history.

Formula 1 Melbourne, Australia [ Imagen ][ #F1 ]

The show starts with the speed of Formula Race 1 (F1) circuit in Melbourne (Australia).
A new season motivates us picture of the day, with a 3D model of a formula 1 reflected on planes, with a profile of Australia providing translucent color.

A new season in which we see again the struggle between the technical teams and the skill of the pilots.