Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Animating pieces of technical drawing

partThe three-dimensional figures normalized representation is performed on the teachings of Drafting, mainly during the school, can be given from stills, Solids or animated images models to represent.

Depending on the complexity of the model and the learning phase in which the student is may be more or less indicated each of these options.

With the modeling and animation tool “Blender” we encourage, in a small instructional video, these corporeal objects for use in our classes. The different finishes can help or introduce additional difficulties in the interpretation of the model.

Examples of the same object with different rendering parameters are presented to emphasize the latter idea. Because the rendering processes are “expensive” from the point of view of the time necessary to attain, choosing the most appropriate model should be done carefully.

A first example with refracting surfaces are given below. Although the surface finish of the workpiece can remember to aluminum, excessive glare and reflection can greatly complicate the interpretation of object details.

By reinforcing with contour lines by “Freestyle” or other delimiter option interpretability of the object surfaces is substantially improved even if we lose the hyper-realism of it.

The rendering type “Toon” cartoon used to minimize the effects of reflections without appreciable loss of quality.

With which we were? It may be important to increase the video length to facilitate the analysis time, and reducing the rotational speed (or increased according to the difficulty that we want to introduce)

An interesting field of research in our didactic teaching technical drawing.