Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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The pieces in 3d that we are presenting, mostly, provienen de representaciones de objetos reales con funcionalidad en conjuntos mecánicos. Others are hybrid and have elements that may appear in some cases, although their nature is exclusively educational. Identifying your working position can help us find the main view of the object, that will determine the most complete information of the same. Rectangular shapes with holes suggest support bases object, so we can associate a plant to its definition. One or more additional views, profile, or auxiliary frontal view as may be the case, will end up defining the shape and dimensions of the object.
We will therefore represent in terms of their technical drawing views are required to select its definition, accompanying a dimension to determine the necessary steps for proper metric determination.

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What is the most representative view of this form?

Representing the views needed to define the object, dimensioning according to standards

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