Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Scatter [ Wallpaper ]

cubo_esfera_600_luz_1000_scatter_0.1_100samples_bolas copiaIn the world of image synthesis is used “Scatter” as a verb ( or continuously “Scattering” ) used to indicate “participating media” in making a scene.
Participants are means any item that is suspended in the scene and interact with the light changing its path:powder. steam, smoke etc..
The lighting of a subject to such effects sequence gives a very distinctive light that brings great realism to the scenes in which incorporated, although the calculation thereof is performed with a higher computational expense.

Scattering is a general physical process where some forms of radiation, such as light, sound, or moving particles, are forced to deviate from a straight trajectory by one or more paths due to localized non-uniformities in the medium through which they pass. (W)

Clicking the mouse on the center image you can have a wallpaper in resolution with 1920 x 1080 points.