Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Canal de YouTube : Descriptive geometry

descriptive geometryYouTube user extend throughout has an educational channel dedicated to the display of descriptive geometry. In his instructional videos presents descriptive geometry constructions (Representation systems) animated form, showing the spatial patterns and its projection on the planes dihedral classical discipline to address this from a purely visual level.

An environment of independent language learning (explanations even if incorporated into Spanish) that can be used by educators to facilitate learning of a discipline whose study begins at an early age and is completed at the university level.

A recommended for all students who want to master the geometric space and its representation techniques canal.
As the author says in the presentation channel “All my canal projects were created with 3D Studio Max program (Modeling, Mapped, Animation, y Render).”

As a representative example of what you can find, I leave this lesson in which I see how it is resolved one of the classic problems of this discipline: Getting minimum distance between two lines space.

Representation Systems