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In memoriam: Benoît Mandelbrot: TED : Spanish versions

A few hours ago I heard of the death of the father of the “Fractal geometry”, Benoît Mandelbrot, un genio visionario surprisingly intuyó el concepto of fractal dimension. I still remember ago 20 años cuando las noches se conectaban con la mañana programando mis primeros fractales, la transformación en el plano complejo era un simple juego matemático… (leer más)

How to generate a Recursive Fractal.

Fractals have been commonly known by its appearance or artistic expression. Benoît Mandelbrot defended its importance now begins to glimpse. Escher drew them from his imagination, without knowing complex equations representing.

(Imagen M.C. Escher's "Gravity")

The use of fractals in diversss disciplines, as generators of complex systems models, are an area of ​​research ever more present.

An approach to fractal geometry can be easily performed by the Koch curve.