Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Hedera [Imagen]

Hedera (ivy) is a genus of the Araliaceae family of fifteen species of evergreen plants, woody climbers. (W) Climbing shrub of hoja perenne provided of air raíces autoadherentes. You persistent leaves, leathery, de bordes enteros, de color verde intenso, siendo las de las ramas fértiles del tipo ovado romboidal, y las de… (leer más)

Green Sprout [Imagen]

A green bud escape from them boulders in river; the great life force that allows something so delicate looking, be able to live in adverse conditions to the surface outcropping; moving the objects that hinder. A marvel over nature. Como siempre en formato wallpaper con 1280… (leer más)