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Graphic PIZiadas

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Eroticism del Nudo [Imagen]


In Botany, knots stem areas from which are born hojas.La stem portion between two nodes is called internode. Internally, la organización de los tejidos en un nudo es diferente a la de un entrenudo, debido a que en los nudos existe la conexión del sistema vascular entre la hoja y el… (leer más)

Green Sprout [Imagen]

A green bud escape from them boulders in river; the great life force that allows something so delicate looking, be able to live in adverse conditions to the surface outcropping; moving the objects that hinder. A marvel over nature. Como siempre en formato wallpaper con 1280… (leer más)

VA-Deosen with photos “Photo Story 3”: Generate video

We continue with our tutorial “Photo Story 3”. The last step in creating our video composed of photos, narrated text and background music, is to generate the video in a format (codecs) that is viewable video viewer, or we can upload to Youtube for example, para distribuirlo en la… (leer más)

VA-Deosen with photos “Photo Story 3” Add texts

We have taken a comprehensive look at the application “Photo Story 3” from Microsoft to generate movies from a collection of photographs. Let's see in detail how to place text on photos, and some “trick” effects to text. Para añadir el texto a nuestras imágenes… (leer más)