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Graphic PIZiadas

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VA-Deosen with photos “Photo Story 3” Add texts

We have taken a vistazo global implementation “Photo Story 3” from Microsoft to generate movies from a collection of photographs. Let's see in detail how to place text on photos, and some “trick” effects to text.

To add text to your images we will go to the window labeled “Add title to images”.

We will see (highlighted in yellow in the image) an area of ​​text entry and a few buttons for defining the source, size and color as well as the position on the image.

Sets the source, text size and color

Govern the position of the text on the picture. Three positions are defined, top, focused on the bottom

Determine the type of text justification, left, focused or right.

Start typing the text in the edit window which is set for this, namely, where it says “”

In the display window photo, automatically, see the result:

Selecting access the set of options that change the text decoration:

After changing the source, color size, and other possible properties, Accepting the changes will be reflected automatically:

If you would admit to 1024 photograph characters. If we separate the lines of text with carriage return (return, enter, intro) different settings of the same are obtained.

For example, if we introduce several blank lines between two texts:

We will obtain

TRICK: Each text appears on the image the duration of this. If we want the image to appear first and then the text, need to insert twice the image and add text to the second (a copy); in this case we use as a fade transition between the two images. You can adjust the length of each to adjust the effect to your liking.