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Graphic PIZiadas

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VA-Deosen with photos “Photo Story 3”: Generate video

We continue with our tutorial “Photo Story 3”. The last step in creating our video composed of photos, narrated text and background music, is to generate the video in a format (codecs) that is viewable video viewer, or we can upload to Youtube for example, for distribution in the network.

To generate the video we have to go to the tab “Save your story”. In this tab, you can save the project for later editing and enhancement, or produce video in various formats that will balance the result to adjust the quality and size of the viewable file.

We must not confuse “save the project”, Keeping our editable script, with “generating video” we generate the final product to be distributed.

To generate the video has predefined profiles that adjust “codecs” the encoding formats standardized Acuerdo. Instead of choosing between complex encoding options, compression, control panels, format codecs etc., select one “profile” of those coming established and will be sufficient for most cases of use.

In the section “Activities” choose our profile. For example, if we upload our video to YouTube with some quality, select “Save your story for playback on your computer”- If we file a more Ligero (smaller) We can choose other options, but also reduce file size, the resolution of the images and audio quality.

The next step is to indicate the name of the file where you want to save the video. The file extension is automatically added to the name that we define. This extension is typical of Windows, “wmv” “windows media vídeo”.

When selecting a profile, adjusting the video generating properties, we can refer to paragraph “Quality settings”. We indicate both the pixel resolution, a brief description of the main parameters that we use.

If we select “Configuration” access a new window where you can “adjust” or “select” a larger number of configurations. Unless we have a special need, we do not change the settings set as they cover the “normal needs” most. In any case it may be interesting to experience and learn about the options offered.

As can be seen, there are many multiple profiles to meet user demands.

To end the video just have to select “Following” and automatically create a reproducible file viewer videos (and that means YouTube).

If we change our project then we can save a copy to be editable in another session after work (recommended option)

By selecting “Following” see a new pop-up window will show the progress of video coding

Last, generated once the video, it will show a window that will offer the possibility of “watch” the result of our work.

Have you managed to create your first video with this simple and efficient tool?