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The audio track in MovieMaker

Windows-live-movie-makerA simple tool for nonlinear video editing is what gives us Microsoft in their operating systems: Windows Movie Maker. This software lets you edit videos and visually add an audio track.

Editing is done by chaining short sequences to which they can incorporate a number of basic effects and transitions. There is a professional tool and therefore it is very limited in functionality although often to our purpose.

Windows Movie Maker is a video editing software which is included in recent versions of Microsoft. It contains features such as effects, transitions, the credits titles, audio track, chronological narrative, etc.. New effects and transitions can be made and existing ones can be modified using XML code. Follow…(Wikipedia)

When you incorporate video clips to editing have their own audio track, it merges with the main track, creating some undesired mixture. Can we turn off the audio of individual scenes and leave only the main?

The objective of this task is to indicate how to override the audio of a particular scene to only track global background sound that we heard in our creation. This requires deploying the audio track associated with the scene we want to modify, and which is initially hidden.

When you open the application and add a video and a song, we, if we in the editing two tracks separately: Video and Audio / Music and a third used to incorporate titles and production credits. Sin embargo, the audio track associated with al video we want to insert appears in.

If you look next to the label “Video” a sign which may appear we have not repaired. This icon allows us to see “more” functions associated with the video clipping.

Pressing two new tracks appear, “Transition” and “Audio”. Here we can work on the audio that is built into our video clipping.

If we position the cursor on the audio track, moving the mouse, and click the right mouse button a menu appears to us “popup” with new features. Including, is the ability to mute this track, and other that modifies its volume or attenuation at the beginning and end of the sequence.

If we select “Mute” completely nullify the only global Video track will be heard.

It is a menu that is sometimes hard to realize that it exists and has great utility.

Did you know him?

Version “windows live” not incorporate this representation of the different audio tracks associated with the scenes that incorporate. The mechanism is different. What is done here is to balance the mix of audio and music scene, or incorporate voice globally. For this menu “main” select “Sound Mixing”:

A scroll bar that allows you to specify the percentage of sound that brings the scene or the main music track appears. Simply slip the control bar to the icon of a musical note is the music track Video:

Simple Is not?. I hope you sea helpful.