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Los 12 principles of animation


Disney studies laid the foundation of traditional animation, and its subsequent spread to the world of 3D computer animation. During the early years developed a set of rules to keep in mind in any animation for organic effect of the characters, denominating “Los 12 principles of animation”.

Los 12 principles explained on a video animation of Pixar: Knick Knack

knick knack

Las mejoras basadas en los 12 principios clásicos de la animación aportan credibilidad a los personajes y escenas del cine basado en imagen de síntesis. They were developed with the first experiences of Disney animation was. These principles are: Stretching and Shrinking (Squash and stretch) Staging (Staging) Acción Directa y Pose a Pose Acción… (leer más)

Los 12 principles of animation: Stretch and Shrink (Squash and stretch)

An animation is a complex technique of creating a credible illusion through images usually reinforced with sound. The first animation work performed in the learning process is macadamente robotic and lacking expressiveness. Las mejoras basadas en los principios clásicos de animación aportan credibilidad a los personajes y… (leer más)