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SDO : Solar Dynamics Observatory

The pages of the SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory), NASA program to investigate the causes of solar variations, have a repository spectacular images of the sun.

These pages contain a wealth of scientific information on issues concerning solar radiation, with periodic updates its image bank.

Lluvia solar ( Lluvia coronal )

A few times visible phenomenon in which our sun king expels a considerable amount of solar material “coronal mass ejection (CME)”. These phenomena associated with significant changes in magnetic fields can be of different nature.
The video shows one of them in which the mass ejected by gravitational effect returns as “rain”. The proportions of the phenomenon are illustrated by comparing the flare with the size of planet earth.

Erupción solar [ NASA ]

Erupción solar

The 31 August 2012 alone Dynamics Observatory of NASA, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), captured a spectacular solar flare can be seen in one of the videos used for scientific publication.
The film shows the spectrum of light with wavelengths between 304 Angstroms y 171 Angstroms, used by scientists to observe the Sun's atmosphere, the corona.

Crepuscular Rays


Among the most common atmospheric phenomena are called “Crepuscular Rays”. They occur when the sun's rays are partially occluded by a cloud that acts as a mask, y se difuminan en la atmósfera iluminando partículas de polvo en suspensión. Podemos observarlos en cualquier latitud, produciéndose especialmente en horas próximas a los crepúsculos y… (leer más)