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Global maps

The NASA official pages are full of audiovisual resources of great scientific inerés, presentation formats accessible to a vast majority of curious and interested in science.

Accelerated vision global phenomena ( rainfall, sea ​​temperature, Fire …) allows us to see these phenomena in a new light.

Global Maps are a set of pages where you can see animated sequences for the presence or action of certain phenomena, at the global level.

Night : Earth Animated GIF


NASA often surprise us with their beautiful images of Earth and other celestial bodies. This time it is not an image directly obtained by one of several cameras that orbit our planet, but have made an interesting image compose any number of photographs of different areas at night.

An image can only imagine a world lit by artificial lights night.
With this image, applied as a texture on a sphere in Blender, has made a small animation of planet Earth Evening Dress, in animated GIF format.