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Graphic PIZiadas

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Calendar 2011 Via @ oscarcillo

I will not deny that produces laziness return trip vacation to academic life. Alarm clock, classes, meetings… a tight schedule for the coming months. Estrenamos un año nuevo, 2011, as the calendar moves his numbers in a repetitive dance that brings notoriety to the seven days of the week. By… (leer más)

The Catenary [Photos]

Catenary curve describing a chain suspended at its ends, sometida to a uniform field gravitatorio. The word derives from the Latin catenarius (own chain). By extension, in mathematics is called a catenary curve that takes a string, cuerda the perfectly flexible cable ideal, con masa distribuida uniformemente por unidad de… (leer más)

Traveling by Train [Image]


Station of Atocha AVE, Madrid. Tour dates motivating Spanish geography in the ground transportation more comfortable than we have in the country, el AVE. Meeting point and separation of families that share a few days of meeting. Distributor of emotions that take us back to the thought childhood, as in a… (leer más)