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Donald Duck and the golden section or golden ratio [Blogs experimental]

The group loshombresdeThales has proposed in his first post a topic entitled metric "the divine proportion“, transcribe the first paragraph:

"In our first blog post we want to talk about the golden ratio, which is present in many of the things around us, yet, most do not know its existence. "

Aptly displayed remarkable aspect to note:

  • The different names used (divine proportion, golden ratio, golden ratio ...)
  • The profuse of his presence in our lives.

An interesting article that defines the "golden ratio" can be found aquí (Wikipedia).

Let's try to define the concept of a simple and affordable by all; can serve as a reminder, in case of doubt, to identify and obtain properties derived.

From a geometrical point of view
we can define the golden ratio from a segment AB.

Suppose we find a point C dividing the segment in two parts that meet the following relationship between the lengths of the segments are in Figure:

AB x AC = CB x CB

We say that the segment CB eg gold of the segment AB

What does this mean?How do you define the relationship in a simple and visual?

By multiplying two lengths is obtained an area. AB xAC is therefore an area and we can imagine it as a rectangle base AB and altitude AC

Similarly, CB x >CB we can identify a square of side equal to the length of segment


Segment aureus

Now we can interpret the equation, which tells us that both areas , the square and rectangle, equal.
Does this have to do with the sense of balance conveyed by this relationship applied to objects?

I think it's a very simple concept, Donald Duck goes to studying these things.

This post is part of an innovative educational project presented in Blogs experimental: Starting an experience of educational use of blogs and accessible Educational Blogs


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