Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Physical Simulation: A step away from reality

First came the video cards…

Now start to appear new chips aimed at physical simulation that will soon become essential elements in our equipment, for both leisure and technical simulations in various disciplines.

The changing nature of video games has led to a rush on the development of methodologies and standards for the universalization of a form of programmed physical effects that provide a realistic, improving immersion in complex scenes. NVIDIA PhysX prevails as first system in this technological race among the leading manufacturers of accelerator cards, deriving much of the programming work simulations to simple routines incorporated in the new hardware.

What awaits us? ?We will have games that rubbing the “hyperrealism” in the coming years? Watch this promotional video RayFire and judges, and if you want to see the latest works that demonstrate the operation of these processes in real time visit where you can find up 20 videos with some interesting examples of physical simulation.

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