Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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During these days the bridge, I will publish a series of works made by my students in the elective subject “Gráficos por ordenador” the EUITA the UPM, as part of an innovative educational experience we are doing, in which we incorporate the blog as a tool for dissemination of knowledge from the university.

It's a job that has been proposed to students to be featured in a blog “open”; is part of an experience which incorporates different software tools freely available and maximum exposure, integrating the classroom in new environments and universally sharing knowledge and learning outcomes.

The public exhibition of the work adds value to a classic exercise training, and incorporating a component responsibility (social) Student (motivation besides the novel aspects).

The work will go hanging as published in this page.

Trabajos de curso de los alumnos de "Gráficos por ordenador"

Student Jobs 2010

The work presented must be considered in the stage of training students found after receiving 6 some classes 3 hours (Ecuador of the subject), that shared approximately:

  • 2 hours of training in aesthetic (Watching videos commented)
  • 3 technical aspects of synthetic image (theoretical concepts explained)
  • 13 in handling a computer application for creating synthetic image

At this time of classroom and laboratory training, we must add that each student has spent on the basis of their availability and degree of motivation towards the subject.


It is a basic work of 3D construction of a scene to obtain a “image with Christmas” or “Christmas card” in a format that could be used as desktop background (WallPapers), to be integrated into an image gallery. The main contents studied in class (missing some that have not been published yet) found on pages “Image Synthesis” and “Blender” of this blog in which an article was published adapted to facilitate thematic concepts, tools and application models.

As a teacher and head of the subject show my satisfaction with the level of achievement that the overall time achieved with so little training in this area, in a race in which the student's course load is also quite high.