Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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3D Animation, Files: Abrir una escena [Blogs experimental] [Blender]

A scene contains a set of customizable variables, surroundings, items such as cameras and lights, as well as a set of objects.

We can imagine a scenario of a theater with its contents: decorating elements, actors, lighting.

Al saving a file in Blender, stores the entire workspace: Lights, cameras, objects, textures etc are grouped scenes, but also stores information on aspects such as the arrangement of windows and menus.

If we open a file from the menu File->Open press the F1, change the current working session; with the contents of the new file we will start a different.

In the same toolbar used to open or close files, can see and select the scene “active”. In every moment we can edit only work on a scene.

Nothing more start Blender has a scene with a cube, a camera and a light spot.

If we add objects to a scene session work in progress, we open the file that contains one of the Two modes are available: “Append” or “Link”.

  • Mode “Append” we can add the object and modify it freely. The information is copied to the working environment.
  • Mode “Link” objects can not be edited, as they are in other file and is simply “tied” content for viewing it.

To open a scene select from the main menu “File“, option “Append or Link” or, instead, will press Shift and F1 (the first softkey)

The new scene is added to existing or link (link) depending on the button you have clicked on the toolbar we use to add dicheros.

When selecting a blend file will see a window that lets you browse the file structure as if it were a file system directory or.

We can insert objects, Materials, lights etc..

To open an independent scene select Scene , and we can choose one of the scenes in the file (at least there a scene always).

The scene selector located on the main toolbar, presents scenes that are available in the system. By default there is always a scene.

We can add the deleted scenes, but always has to be a; can not delete a scene if the only one there.

We can use this control to select the scene “active” (where we can edit and animate), and for create new scenes (empty or a copy of the current).

By adding a scene will reflect this addition in the dropdown you get when you click on the first icon of the scene controls.

If the name of the scene is used, the program will be renamed to avoid duplication.

After opening the scene, see what we can transfer some or all of their content to other scenes of the project. This enables animation work specializing as, while some may be modeling scenarios, other design team members can be ordered to model characters or riding animations.

How do we transfer elements between scenes? We will see a new entry in Blender tutorial.

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