Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Darling with the dark side [Students work][Blender]

During the past few months has been posted on the blog one Blender course, free software 3D animation. The course has been an innovative educational experience in which they have participated 50 inegenieria students of aeronautical engineering UPM.

The experience has been to give the character blended training, with strong support from the blog as a teaching tool. Have been developed content for general training, and specific use animation tool

In total Hemos given 8 classes three hours, in the laboratory of graphic expression of the EUITA, assigned to the department of aerospace vehicles (24 contact hours).

The evaluation is based on the delivery of jobs in which they have to create images and animations made with the software cited. Some jobs, like Christmas cards, already posted on the blog as a form of motivation for students. Others will be published in purely academic environments.

Today they have begun to bring the end of the course work. I present the first that has come, that can serve to be motivated, to compete and try to do better. 24 hours of training along with their creative resources have enabled them to generate two minutes through basic animation we share today on the blog. Even the credits, including, everything is nice. A sample of what they can do when they are motivated.

Sincerely, for reduced formation that have, demonstrates high academic.

“Darling with the dark side”

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