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Geometry in Nature [School]

Honey_comb-thumbDaily observe geometric shapes that are used in our technical designs as well as the “Naturaleza”. My students proposed an entry on their blog, I reproduce below, that can serve as inspiration for many others in which the geometry is part of the forms.

This post opens a new page of the blog in which incorporate different examples of applied geometry, both natural ways in which man has developed over history.

As always, our students amaze us with their initiatives. I leave her entry posted on the blog that we use at school for their jobs

by Kon-PAS

Everything in nature tends to the minimum energy. In animals there is no place for unrewarded effort. Thus, efficiency tends to.

A particular case is that of bees. In the honeycomb live thousands of them, into a really small space, so it must be maximized. One way to optimize the space is using the optimized geometric shape cell with which to build the honeycomb, so it must meet two conditions:

  • – There should be no gaps between cells.
  • – To a certain perimeter, the inner area has to be high.

Thus the geometric figures that meet above are reduced to three: Triangle, square and hexagon. Of all, which includes more area with a single perimeter is the hexagon. And ... go! Precisely the geometric shape using the bees!