Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Node editor: Converter: RGBA [Blender]

Among the color filters that we have in the node editor the Blender, we can find a “Filter RGB” we separates the image into the three main channels color.que used in digital format the same name.

We can see in this example how an image with different colors is broken down into each of the color channels. White is the sum of all colors, then has components in all cases.

The first image is the original, each of the remaining three of the components is. When the selected color component, the result is a white image, when there is not, the result is a black image. Gray to indicate that there is a component in a greater or lesser extent.

Imagen original

Imagen original

Filtro Red

Red Filter

Filtro Green
Green Filter

Filtro Blue

Blue Filter

The filter 'connect its input to an image, obtaining four output channels, the three color channels and an additional transparency (alpha).

Add->Converter->Separate RGBA

Apply these filters to a complex image to see its effect.

In the example, the image has been decomposed into the primary colors using the RGB filter. Then again we have added those channels but reversing two of them, blue and green, through the filter opposite “Combine RGBA”.

Add->Converter->Combine RGBA

The result is that what was once green, the past will be blue, and what was blue, is now green. The red color is maintained.

The result can be seen in the following images, investment and background colors is outstanding Hummingbird, whereas red elements like staying with a shade. Logically secondary colors, como el amarillo, sufren una transformación (violetas). Este efecto sobre los secundarios se podría limitar con el uso de mascaras.

Imagen original

Imagen modificada

Hummingbird Image ColibrGiuseppe Albergo

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