Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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New exercise to practice mechanical drawing in 3d. Another piece of technical drawing with a main plane of symmetry that we can help simplify your standard representation.

The overall cylindrical shape is usually represented with a single view, accompanied dimension using the diameter symbol. Media middle section view to define both the exterior and interior of the geometry..

The circular base can be represented with a leeway in false view.

In this exercise can also reduce the difficulty of representation making use of the characteristics of symmetry that has the object. Two orthogonal planes of symmetry.

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¿ Cuántas vistas necesitaremos en este ejercicio para definir esta nueva pieza de dibujo técnico (in its standard representation)? Is it enough with a front and side view? Will we need a plant?

Parts with a main plane of symmetry can be represented in a simplified manner with half-view and the use of symmetry axes.

Representing the views needed to define the object, dimensioning according to standards

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