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Geometry : Variational geometry educational software


The study of the geometry has been done conventionally constructed figures composed of lines and circles which are related by geometrical concepts.

These figures are obtained from a particular position in the data of a problem and the aim is to superimpose a set of constructs for determining the solution thereof. Sin embargo, geometric constraints imposed are position independent of the input data which can address the problem of formation in these models from a fuller view showing interactively allowing these concepts.

Variational geometry appears therefore as a tool that facilitates generalize geometric concepts for detailed study of the same, facilitate understanding and generalization.

altura_triangulo altura_triangulo_2
By changing the position of the vertex “A” the triangle ABC, point “H” (foot of height) moves over the segment BC so that the height remains perpendicular to the base of the triangle

Geometry is an educational tool for interactive geometry construction that allows to observe the geometric invariant dynamically modifying the position of the data.

Geometry is a program developed entirely in JAVA and distributed by a file “JAR” executable on any device that has a Java virtual machine. It has been tested on different operating systems and runtime environments, PDA-type mobile device including.

Geometry has been used as teaching tool in different university courses, evolving and limiting functionality for academic use which learning premium on productivity. Limiting functions to force the interpretation and development of geometric models used to establish geometric concepts studied in these educational levels.


Program features

The different functions are accessible through a set of icons at the top.
The program can be found in two different states: Repeat command mode variational.

The basic form of operation of the application is based on defining a set of points in which the geometry is supported. These points serve to further define other elements, as lines and circles.

The main functions provided by the tool are:

  • Add points
  • Add segments
  • Circumference by three points
  • Diameter circumference
  • Circumference by center and radius
  • Perpendicular Lines
  • Parallel Lines
  • Intersection of two lines
  • Intersection between line and circle
  • Intersection of two circles
  • Changing the display (Colors and sizes)
  • Deleting Items
  • Store and retrieve files
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