Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Robots Quadrotors interpretando the theme of James Bond (TED)

quadrotorA “Quadrotor” is a helicopter rotor has four vertical axis. This type of ingenuity in small sizes have a very interesting dynamic behavior or allowing them to perform spectacular acrobatic performances due to its low inertia.

The use of the quadrotor to build small robots that interact cooperatively is an idea in an advanced state of development. These micro-robots behave as a swarm establishing communication and logical processing locally, without a central computer that coordinates.

Its applications can be diverse, both for reconnaissance in natural disasters by exploring and making virtual maps, to cooperation in the construction of complex structures or buildings.

A curious playful application shown in the video below, in which a group of musicians perform quadrobots a known melody.

The official launch of this technology is one of the TED talks that always amazed me by his wit and exhibition quality. The following video can excite and aviation enthusiasts, course, to robotics generally

VJay Kumar: robots vuelan… and cooperating (TED)

In his laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania, Vijay Kumar and his team, create quadricopters. They are small, agile robots that swarm, perceive each other and form ad hoc teams… construction, for inspection of disaster and much more.