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Graphic PIZiadas

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Cycles : Shaders : Mix [ Blender ]

mono_mix_150_01_difusse_glossyIn addition to the basic set of “shaders” incorporating “Blender” in “Cycles“, There is a special element that allows combine two them: “Mix Shader“.

The definition of a material, normally, will be conducted using two or more shaders on the same object. The main difficulty is to determine the properties needed to create the desired effect that simulates the behavior of the material to light.

We shall see several examples that illustrate the materials used, including bump maps to give a realistic look to the surfaces.

In the material properties window select this option “Surface”:

add Mix Shader

add Mix Shader

The properties tab change to reflect the new possibilities of selection of the two “Shaders”. The variable “Fac” allows weight control or influence each “Shader” gives the final result. A null value indicates that the first “Shader” no effect. An intermediate value, 0.5, indicates a balanced mixture of the two, while the maximum permissible value, 1, indicates that only use the second.

Mix Shaders Selección

Mix Shaders Selection

If the selected “shaders” different, for example “Difusse” and “Glossy“, It will reflect on this tab, updating the new variables available.

Mix - Shaders seleccionados

Mix - Selected Shaders

Entering the node editor, see that the two are connected by a new type of node that corresponds to the mixer.

Mix Shader en el editor de nodos

Mix Shader in the node editor

Applying the new material to an object can see the influence of the variable “Fac” in the final result:

If the value is “0”, using the first “Shader”, in this case “Difusse”

Fac = 0

I = 0

If the factor used is “1” the second will be used, in this case “Glossy”

Fac = 1

I = 1

Intermediate values ​​held by both a mixture, eg:

Fac = 0,5

I = 0,5

Cycles Tutorial

Cycles Tutorial