Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Cycles : Shaders : Mix [ Blender ]


In addition to the basic set of “shaders” incorporating “Blender” in “Cycles”, There is a special element that can combine two of them: “Mix Shader”.

The definition of a material, normally, will be conducted using two or more shaders on the same object. The main difficulty is to determine the properties needed to create the desired effect that simulates the behavior of the material to light.

Node editor: Color: Mix [Blender]


One of the most used items in the node editor is what allows you to merge or combine two images: Node “MIX”.

With this node you mix a base image (connected to the input of the upper), a second image (bottom entry), operating on individual pixels and corresponding in the two images. The way it produces the output image is determined by the option checked in the dropdown menu.