Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Cycles : Shaders : Transparency

TransparencyAnother "shaders" incorporating "CyclesA "Blender es" Transparency ".

Similar to the type “Glass” allows light to pass through the surfaces but, in this case, Refraction occurs in (deviation) light.

It is especially useful, in combination with mask acting textures, to remove part of a surface and simulate holes or cut silhouettes.

Cubos transparentes

Transparent cubes

To crop an image located on a surface, assign the color of the image to the corresponding points on the surface and the transparent back rest. Use a node “Mix” to mix with the corresponding image mask.

Imagen de máscara

Image of a mask

Máscara de la imagen

Image mask

In the node editor we can compose the elements that define the texture. If you use a node “Mix” to mix the shaders.

Material en el editor de nodos

Material in the node editor

The result of applying the texture on a plane, and mask with the corresponding image, you can see below. Note that the shadow cast corresponds to the profile of the image of the mask.




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