Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Photosynthesis [ Blender ] [ Education ]

Blender It is a tool with surprising capabilities. Kelvin Song has created this video to their biology classes using the editing tool, modeling and animation.

A simple animation in which the text is the protagonist, accompanied by a lively band and an elementary render, make this work an artistic reference for scientific and educational publications.

A work that demonstrates how easy it can be effective in many areas of application. Hopefully see more of this level used in the classroom.

A work seen Blender Nation

Photosynthesis from Kelvin Song on Vimeo.

I use a bit of motion blur on the first set of sequences (up to “Calvin Cycle”), but it was very slight. I found that too much motion blur 1— Makes it look blurry and worse all the time, and 2— Makes rendertimes explode with the extra samples needed. The second half of the animation uses no MB at all.
Motion blur can be done two ways in Blender. The crude way(compositing— vector blur node) or the accurate way(render settings panel). (Kelvin Song)