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Cycles : Bump mapping : Displacement


The textures in Blender, with the rendering engine “Cycles”, may incorporate a channel named “Displacement” which provides a surface roughness.

There are two different techniques:

“Bump mapping” Mapped the topological
“Displacement mapping” or displacement mapping.

Mapas de normales : bump mapping : Mapeado topológico


In computer animation the number of surfaces in the scene greatly influences the time of computation (rendering) de la SMA.

A technique for simulating on a flat surface roughness is called “Bump mapping”; comprises applying a texture to the surface to modify the direction of the normal to the same, influencing the calculation of shading algorithms (Shading) applied during image rendering, without changing the topology.

Bump Mapping

Bump mapping is a 3D computer graphics technique which consists in giving a rough appearance to the surfaces of the objects. Used to give an embossed effect on the surfaces of the object. This technique modifies the surface normals without changing its geometry. Las normales originales de la superficie seguirán… (leer más)

Raytracing: Playing with Light and Textures with Blender

The light and textures play a key role when rendering a scene. This article uses a single model that has been assigned different material properties (textures) y en el que hemos ido cambiando las propiedades de la dureza de la sombra que genera un punto de… (leer más)