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Graphic PIZiadas

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Raytracing: Playing with Light and Textures with Blender

The light and textures play a key role when rendering a scene.

This article uses a single model that has been assigned different material properties (textures) and we've been changing the properties of the hardness of the shadow that generates a light spot.

The result can be seen watching the wealth of images generated.

It has been used the technique of “Ray Tracing” (raytracing) for obtaining, relfexiones playing himself with specular textures and transparencies along with acting as a mask color or “Bump Mapping”.

The ray tracing raytracing or a synthesis algorithm for three-dimensional images. Initially proposed by Turner Whitted in 1980, is based on the determination algorithm visible surfaces of Arthur Appel called Ray Casting (1968). (Wikipedia)

Bump mapping is a 3D computer graphics technique which consists in giving a rough appearance to the surfaces of the objects. Used to give an embossed effect on the surfaces of the object. This technique modifies the surface normals without changing its geometry. The original normal surface perpendicular thereto will. (Wikipedia)

The scene consists of a cube in the center, three planes as a corner (perpendicular) located at the rear. A light and mood lighting complete their definition.

Shadows can be more or less hard (difuminados the edges clearly marked), or may be omitted in the calculation of the images

By adding specular effects, images are “merge”. The fund, walls on a corner, reflected on the faces of the cube

If specular properties are assigned to the background (Corner walls) Interesting effects generated appear to duplicate reflection geometry

To add a background to the scene, as a blue sky, is reflected on the reflective surfaces

A more complex background that includes images or patterns of colors can create complex effects by reflecting on the different surfaces

Adding transparency and roughness by technology “Bump Mapping” image distortions complicate their interpretation in this case, but they provide plasticity to the whole interesting.

Can you identify what has changed in the last images? We must accustom our eyes to interpret the image synthesis.

The images shown have been calculated with Blender. Have been required from 1 minute to 35 minutes depending realized effects, mainly the degree of refinement and sampling RayTracing light.