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Graphic PIZiadas

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Classification Representation Systems

The representation of technical objects is performed by one or more images that are determined by projecting the objects on an imaginary plane.

The display system is therefore defined by the position of said plane and the center of projection.

The position of the object relative to the center plane and can vary its representation, determining convergence in the projection, varying mediated, lines which are parallel in space.

Representation systems : Projections [ Descriptive geometry ]


The so-called representation systems encompasses a set of techniques and projection models for viewing items in a three dimensional space on a two dimensional plane.

Each of the systems provides a number of advantages that make it particularly useful in certain applications. So, systems that are included in the set of perspectives, are especially useful to give a simple three-dimensional view of the object. Cylindrical nature systems facilitate operations orthogonal measure to reduce them to obtain Pythagorean triangles (rectangles), models while central conical or approximate how the human eye works.

Projections and navigation [School]


The specialty of Air Navigation, denominada “Aeronavigation”, the teachings of a specialized aeronautical engineering make use of geometry for making charts.

Students who have made this work are sensitive to it and therefore highlight one of the applications of the teachings they have received.