Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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For Uru : Tribute

Many know to Uru and his blog “Uruguayita South and cafes”, possibly before I started in this world so direct communication, close and personal. Surely know much more and therefore what I say, I feel, so you will have sense and.

Uru is an exceptional, next in the distance and beautiful in its being.

It is able to convey the beauty and boundless vitality to people who try to understand how a technological medium like this is able to make us feel emotions that go beyond the explainable.

In your blog I found a source of life and struggle; of struggle and life; one freshness of youth from the experience of pain and love; a way to understand the important and the surface.

A few days ago I mailed some pictures that sum up what you most want: people.

With these pictures and all my love I've ridden a little video for your enjoyment, and at her request, for you to enjoy other.

A little job I did with great pleasure…. va for you, Uru.

With love for Uru (Glory)

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