Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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CAMEL double images: Figure Fund

The company CAMEL dedicated to the development and distribution of manufactured snuff mainly been known for its logo depicting a camel in the desert.

Always has been speculated about the hidden content of his images, what are called “double images”.

It has come to my hands on a limited edition metal box in which we can see a well-known city in Brazil, Sao Paulo, or at least I interpret it well.

If we broaden the picture we intuit the buildings of a city, but if we look away and appreciate all the classic brand logo.

Speaking of the Leyes de la Gestalt enunciábamos law "Shape and Fund" as one of the most important from the point of view of the "feel" for the interpretation of the images.

Advertising for "CAMEL" always surprised by modifying their snuff boxes of clearly maintaining their corporate image: His camel.


Smoking is not good for health, but this ad always liked.

You can find a wide catalog Camelcollector

Double images: Figure and Background: Advertising Camel: Rocks

Double images: Group: Advertising Camel: Brick Wall

Percepción: Leyes de la Gestalt.