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Scientific visualization : Handbook of Data Visualization [ Book ]

An adequate representation of the data is an essential part of any data analysis.

Modern developments of information processing based on the use of PCs have allowed significant improvements in graphics capabilities offering new possibilities for data visualization.

“Handbook of Data Visualization” is a volume series Springer Handbooks of Computational Statistics that provides an overview of modern data visualization methods, both in theory and in practice.

It offers a broad overview of different representation techniques that allow the manipulation of multidimensional data, orienting them according to the type of analysis desired.

tridimensional plot

original data (2000 data points) arranged along a nonlinear surface (Swiss Roll)



2-D MDS representation based on 20 nearest-neighbor graph


There are very comprehensive chapters on modern graphical tools, tracings as mosaic, how to coordinate plots and linked views to obtain.

Chapters are devoted primarily to graphical methodology for particular areas of statistical studies, such as Bayesian analysis, genomic data and cluster analysis, and other graphics software on.

Specialists from around the world have contributed their papers on their areas of specialization, a collection of scientific articles prepared conducted by Chen Chun-houh, Wolfgang Härdle and Antony Unwin.

An essential work for modern data analysis from a visual standpoint.

Authors: Chen Chun-houh, Wolfgang Härdle, Antony Unwin

Editorial: Springer
Handbook of Data Visualization

ISBN 978-3-540-33026-3