Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Scientific visualization : Handbook of Data Visualization [ Book ]


An adequate representation of the data is an essential part of any data analysis. Modern developments of information processing based on the use of PCs have allowed significant improvements in graphics capabilities offering new possibilities for data visualization. “Handbook of Data Visualization” es un volumen de la serie de Manuales de Springer de Estadística Computacional que ofrece una visión general de los modernos métodos de visualización de… (leer más)

Representation of Proteins

Proteins are macromolecules consisting of linear chains of amino acids. The name protein comes from the Greek word πρώτα (“prota”), meaning “the first” or god Proteus , by the number of ways that can be taken. (Wikipedia) Hemoglobin a few years ago enjoyed programming a molecular structures Viewer. This image is the first that I kept, a molecule of hemoglobin… (leer más)