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Source : Fluid simulation with Blender

fuenteThe fluid simulation Blender is based on numerical calculation ( integration) an Particle System.

The properties associated with these particles as its viscosity, mass etc create the effect that would occur in the different liquids.

High values ​​of viscosity will result simulations liquid oils and fats, while lower values ​​we provide sensations as the flow of water.

Viscosity is the opposition of a fluid shear deformations. A fluid that has no viscosity is called perfect fluid. Actually all known fluids have some viscosity, being zero viscosity model a fairly good approximation for certain applications. The viscosity is manifested only in moving fluids.(W)

The basic elements of the scene are the domain (boundaries of the space in which the simulation is run), the transmitter system that produces the flow of liquid or particles (source or “inflow”) and may represent an obstacle to the decorative element or environment that interacts with the fluid.

Escena básica

Basic Scene

It has further been added a fluid outlet “Outflow” the sumidero, allowing leave part of it enters the “inflow”. In the picture is shown with circular, the color azul, the fluid inlet within the domain, with red and cube output and, textured black and white squares and cube, an obstacle that makes standing and font stack.

This very geometric or symbolic definition is abstract the fundamental concepts that we use in our simulations, abandoning the artistic side in search of a more conceptual analysis.

Elementos de la simulación

Simulation elements

Once the scene assigned to each element and its role in the simulation, proceed to its calculation.

Keep The Scene with a name first. Then, the domain and select the menu “Physics” will press “Bake” calculation to generate trajectories of the particle system (fluid)

The resolution of the animation allows accuracy and quality control. In the first tests we can accept the default values ​​that are. To make the final sequence we can increase the resolution, that significantly influence the time required to perform the calculations.

Calcular la animación

Calculate animation

The result of 250 animation frames rendered with Cycles is illustrated in the following video, in which is used a “Shader Glass” Water.

Will you prepare your own scene?

Cycles Tutorial

Cycles Tutorial