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3D Animation, Simulation : Clothing: Generate a deformed mesh (Convert)

ropaBy studying the cloth simulation and main variables Blender saw how we could, from a mesh, encourage its deformation to create deformations ( folds and wrinkles ) as a fabric.

We can deform a mesh using this physical simulation methodology, stop the simulation at a particular frame and turn the deformed mesh into a static mesh is no longer subjected to simulation.

This idea can be useful for rendering a single frame or save computation time when the tissue will not undergo more deformation, such as a fabric tablecloth or curtain in a room without drafts.

To create the grid from the simulation position ourselves in the “frame” in which the deformation is desired and will press the key combination:

Alt + C (“Convert”)

This action will display a pop-up menu on screen with the option to convert into a mesh selected object (clothes).

Convertir en malla

Convert to mesh an animated object

Another alternative to display this menu is accessed from the menus built into the bottom of the 3D view. Again, we must have previously selected the item to convert:

We select “Object”

Menú Object

Menu Object

And then “Convert To”

Convert To

Convert To

After this conversion the lost object properties assigned to start cloth simulation, becoming a simple mesh.

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