Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Modelling with Blender curtains

cortinaLet the modeled, in this case, a window curtains. We will see how to create a basic form as in the case will encourage the clothing Blender with simulator. To create a more realistic effect add a wind effect that gently push the curtains and we will render with cycles to see the final effect.

Start from a plane climb in edit mode to increase its size in one direction (“and”) and subdivide to have a grid of points that we can encourage.

Malla de puntos para la cortina

Mesh points for shade

With the selected object, Object Mode, add a modifier “Wave”

Object Modifiers

Object Modifiers

This switch will allow us to deform the mesh to create waves that simulate the folds of the curtain

Deform - Modificador Wave

Deform – Wave modifier

The modifier is applied only in one direction (“x”) cyclically

Dirección de propagación de la onda

Direction of propagation of the wave

Adjust the parameters of the wave, defining its height and frequency (distance between the ridges)

Parámetros de la onda

Wave parameters

The result of the previous adjustment on the next:

Onda iniciada

Wave initiated

See the waveform does not cover the entire surface of the plane. We will move the start time of the wave, because this is displaced in time.

Momento de inicio de la onda

Start time of the wave

The result will:

Onda desplazada

Wave displaced

The wave evolves over time, moving in the selected direction with the speed that is defined, so we need to convert to a static mesh if we want to obtain a displacement similar to a wave in our simulation. We apply the modifier to stop acting along the animation, maintaining the current mesh deformation.

Aplicar el modificador

Apply the modifier

In edit mode will copy the mesh to have two curtains. Pasaremos the object mode, add a slash (cylinder) and change the position and orientation of the curtains (rotation “x” 90 ° and translational) to simulate hanging from the bar.



Hang the curtain

To simulate the curtain will use the mode “Clothing” the Blender. We will need to few anchor points that it hangs curtain rod. In edit mode select these grid points:

Puntos de sujeción de la cortina

Attachment points curtain

We enter the menu “Object Data” to create a group with these points.

Object Data

Object Data

First create a new group

Grupos de vértices

Groups of vertices

We will change the name of the group and, the mesh vertices selecionados, vertices signaremos the group with the corresponding button.

Crear y asignar nombre a un grupo

Create and name a group

Simulation of clothing.

To simulate the clothes will enter the Simulation menu “Physics” and select “Cloth” as we have seen in studying the basic variables cloth simulation. Activate “Pin” and select our group of vertices to simulate the curtains are fixed to your bar.




To add an effect of air movement, add a “Force Field” type “Wind”.

Force Field - Wind

Force Field – Wind

We will adjust essentially two aspects of the effect of wind:

  • Address
  • Intensity

There are many additional parameters to be studied in detail at the time. For now just upgrade your current or variable force “Strength” and rotate it to direct it towards the curtains.

Orientaremos el viento hacia las cortinas

To focus the wind toward the curtains

The end result can be seen in the two images below, one with static curtain, in the rest position, and another moving through the force field (wind) we added.


Cortina moving

Night Light Effect

Cortina en reposo efecto noche

Cortina resting night effect

Daylight Effect


Cortina resting day effect