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Cómo beneficia a nuestro cerebro tocar un instrumento [ TED ]

TED es sinónimo de calidad. Sus amenas charlas nos muestran, de la mano de los mejores especialistas, la actualidad del conocimiento en sus diferentes disciplinas.
En esta ocasión se ha sustituido la charla de un orador en directo por una animación con audio en la que podemos descubrir los beneficios del aprendizaje y la interpretación musical.

CLARITY allows us to obtain images of the brain: Stanford's Deisseroth Lab [Neurociencia]

Of video clips made by Karl Deisseroth y Kwanghun Chung, Stanford University.

The first shows a walk in the intact brain of a mouse, technique using a fluorescent imaging on a whole brain that previously could only be performed in a brain sectioned into thin slices.

The second sample is a 3D nature of memory in a mouse brain, o hipocampo, composed of different cell types:

We spoke with Javier DeFelipe on Innovation and Neuroscience


After the conference Innovation & Neuroscience: Innovation in science: what makes us humanosimpartida by Professor Javier DeFelipe in the BBVA Innovation Center 18 October, conducted a short interview that has been edited with images of the event.

Javier reinforces the idea of ​​the need for post-processing image recognition and chart the progress of science.

Innovation & Neuroscience: Innovation in science: what makes us human


Javier DeFelipe left us engrossed for near 80 minutes with an interesting talk, within the cycle of conferences on innovation that celebrates the BBVA.

I connect this input to keep this magical moment in which a more skilled people currently in this field, has given us some of your time with a masterful oratory.

Human Connectome Project


The project “Human Connectome Project” is designed to investigate human brain connectivity, namely, how to connect different brain areas forming the circuits that make us feel and reason.

One goal is to draw an atlas of brain connections, allowing desarrolo and analyze their performance.

Brain II [ Wallpaper ] [ Imagen ]


To study the brain are often used images that allow you to see its outer surface (cortex) or distinct parts which are inside (agmídala, brain…)
Sagittal sections normally used to represent the inside while, Thanks to modern techniques of representation, can simulate cortex transparent walls which allow observation of the elements normally hidden. The picture is a representation of the cortex with the technique of creating “halo” Blender itself, as an alternative models estos.

Brain [ Wallpaper ] [ Imagen ]


A synthetic image of the most important organ of the human body, wallpaper format 1280 x 1024, made with Blender from a network pattern found in 3DStudio Max format. Different textures have been applied to different regions of the cerebral cortex. To get the image resolution suitable to press with the… (leer más)

Engineering, brain architecture and neuroscience XXI century

Javier defelipe

Este año, in the act of opening the course 2011/2012, We have had the presence of Javier DeFelipe, Cortical Circuits Laboratory (CTB), we gave an interesting lecture on the status of the project “Cajal Blue Brain” entitled:

“Engineering, brain architecture and neuroscience XXI century”.

Forest neurons

Santiago Ramon y Cajal was the first researcher who managed to see under a microscope the cells that form the brain.

We have many pictures taken in their studies of this complex organ called “forest neurons” by the density of the packing.

A computer image that recreates this density of dendrites and axons can give us an idea of ​​the difficulties encountered by researchers to identify the morphology and connectivity of neurons.

Cajal Blue Brain: Brain molecular simulation

The Blue Brain Project aims molecular level simulation of the mammalian brain. In this first article outlines the main ideas and actors involved in the project. This initiative, supported by Big Blue (IBM) It focuses on Spain in the so-called Cajal Blue Brain (in honor of our… (leer más)