Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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3D Animation, Particles : Smoke with adaptive domains and dissemination of colors [Blogs experimental] [Blender]

Train with smoke

We have seen how to create a domain for generating smoke through a system of particles. This domain should be static before version 2.65 the Blender.

From this latest version, Available in December 2012, domains can be defined to suit the needs of a dynamic and, even, change of position in space.

New functionality includes the ability to use different types of color for each emitting smoke, which can be mixed by diffusion.

Gradually we come to a real fluid simulator.

Particle simulation: Vortex


Simulation with a particle system made with Blender. We used three issuers 20.000 spherical particles in each, issued continuously for 200 frames.

Added a vortex force “4” in the center to generate the system dynamics.

A plane crash that does not absorb energy particles to complete the stage.