Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Optical Illusions views with Photoshop. Analysis Panel.

A tool like Photoshop can be used to view a picture from another conceptual perspective. Besides their use for composing and generating for illustration purposes, can be used for other tasks, as the analysis of an illusion, a medical image etc..

The world offers us the image of curiosities that affect perceptual field. A effect (Fogonazos video blog) interesting if you get a regular pattern is generated and superimposed texture. We can see that the interpretation of the model is modified. This texture adds complexity to the process of image interpretation originating the phenomenon of illusion.

From screenshot optical illusion that proposes Fogonazos, a brief analysis of image showing its structural basis is performed.

The catch is trimmed to limit the analysis to the area of ​​interest, processed in any graphic editing tool. In this case we have used Photoshop Elements 6.0. Complex functions are not required to work with our example.

A histogram structure lighting is mainly distributed in around two mean values ​​were detected, light gray and dark gray.

We can get an image in black and white indicating at what threshold value is placed lighting.

Then filter and adding contours recognition with image smoothing is applied.

The underlying pattern is achieved and is responsible for introducing the noise affecting the perception of lines, creating the effect of distortion or deformation observed.

A similar pattern can be seen when two parallel lines seem to come in the middle of a set of concentric circles.

With Photoshop you can make these images with two basic filters:


And other type filters applied “laplacian”


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