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Graphic PIZiadas

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The importance of textures in image synthesis

One of the aspects that provide greater credibility to a synthetic image, along with the lighting, are the textures applied to objects.

After the geometric definition of the elements of a scene, properties apply to objects that give the color, roughness, brightness etc.. This set of properties fall into what is technically known as “Material” Object.

The material therefore includes various items associated with the behavior of light on the object.

How to apply will depend on the software you use animation, and in particular we will study about Blender in another specific item, but the general ideas are valid regardless of the tool to use.

Textures are a key element in the generation of the final images. In the creative process are added last and which increase the generation time of each image. (see? Much is a 3D image?

A texture is basically an image that “took” or “mapped” on a geometrical shape. It can be used simply to add color to the item, or be used to modify properties such as the reflectivity, opacity (transparency) o relieve (bump mapping) inter alia.

As an introductory example I leave a small example of a scene with and without textures, a comparison that allows us to appreciate the difference between objects so marked merely colored (with color) the textured.

The plane has applied a texture with bump mapping, deformable object while this also adds a transparency effect, with smoothing of the shadow.

Do they add realism to the scene?, we'll see how to apply

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