Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Wallpaper. 2018

New Year New Life.

This phrase once we started the new year. Full of good intentions goodbye one year to start another annual cycle. Este año, also, marks an imaginary line between the greater of 18 years old (Adults) minors, since each of these groups has been born in a different century.

Wallpaper. Merry Christmas 2017

Minimalisms with Halo effect to create a simple and flat tones scene but, hang time, full of lights like those that characterize this time of year.

A resolution image 1920 x 1080 to be used as wallpaper on your computer or tablet.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Node editor: Video overlay and synthetic image [Blender]

Any film production is full of special effects achieved in the post-production stage in which different layers of images are mixed, both real and synthetic, with different techniques, to reach levels of realism that is almost impossible us, in many cases, distinguish reality from fiction.

In this article we look at the foundation needed to generate a final image in which superpondremos a video or image to a virtual object created with 3D editing software. Blender will use the suite for superimposing images using a graphical model composition using the node editor.

bulerías [Oil]

bulerías, such as Jerez, It is a picture that represents the hubbub, the friends, party and flamenco.

This painting was born at a meeting of friends in my yard, outdoor light summer colors. gestation, from the softest strokes, It has not been subjected to the extent. A guitar, wines and art of the group were the instigators of this stain that gradually took shape.

Tetrahedrons in Blender

The solid modeling programs have basic objects called “primitive” from which can be generated by objects more complex geometric transformations, Boolean operations and editing vertices.
Knowledge of the properties of geometric figures allow us to generate other basic bodies that do not have the application, from the elements described above.

Blender 2.79 release candidate

We are expecting a major change in Blender with the expected version 2.8 will bring a change of graphics engine among other innovations, when we have the latest revision of the series 2.7, the 2.79.

This version is not compatible with previous, more like a first staging of some new features that we will see in more detail in the desired 2.8.

System dihedral: Fundamentals of auxiliary projections, changes in plane

To represent an object in the dihedral system usually use the projections on the three planes of the reference trihedron, as we have seen when studying the fundamentals of dihedral system.

In general it is sufficient to use only two of the three possible planes, It is represented for example by a straight projections on the horizontal plane and the vertical. Sometimes it may be desirable, or even necessary, obtain new projections in different directions projection, in which case the call her “auxiliary projections” .

Agent 327: Operation Barbershop [Blender]

Occasionally I like to add a short animation to blog. It is part of the world “image” motivates its existence: between playfulness and knowledge. Many of these shorts also have an underlying message that makes them relevant for themselves.

The development of the synthetic image also has its place. Each short brings on many occasions innovative techniques that add to existing.

In this case instead of a short what we have is a “teaser”, a small delivery whose sole purpose is to promote a product that is still in an early stage of production.

Agent 327 It is based on a work of Dutch artist Martin Lodewijk's, a classic comic called with the same name: Super agent 327 (W).

Conical defined by the two foci and a point

One of the first problems we can solve based on the definition of conic as “locus of the centers of circumferences passing through a fixed point (focus) which are tangent to a circumference (focal circle centered the other focus)” It is the determination of the tapered from the two foci and a point.

The classic definition will be determined as the vertices A1 and A2 of the conical obtained.

conic metric: Head circumference

Head circumference

We have defined the ellipse as the “locus of centers circumferences, through a focus, They are tangent to the focal circumference of the other focus center”.

This definition allows us to approach the study of the conic by applying the concepts studied to solve the problems of tangents and, en particular, reducing them to the fundamental problem of tangents.

This circumference will link with another whose radius is half the radius of the focal, and its center is the taper. We call this circumference “Head circumference”.

Conic as Locus Centers Circumferences Tangents

We have seen that the study of conic can be made from different geometric approaches. En particular, to start analyzing conic we have defined as the ellipse locus, we said that:

Ellipse is the locus of points in a plane whose sum of distances from two fixed points, called Spotlights, It has a constant value.

This metric definition of this curve allows us to address important study relating to the tangents circumferences, known as “Problem of Apollonius” in any of its versions. When we approach the study of the parabola or hyperbola return to reframe the problem to generalize these concepts and reduce problems “fundamental problem of tangents in the case straight”, or “fundamental problem of tangents in the case circumference”, namely, determining a circumference of a “Make corradical” a tangency condition.