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3D Animation, Lights: Shades [ Blogs experimental ] [ Blender ]

The lights and the shadows they cast on objects, are fundamental elements of an animation scene. Their use should be adjusted fineness since they are a source of a significant increase in computational complexity. Algunos sistemas limitan el número de puntos de iluminación ya que pueden llegar a saturar la capacidad de… (leer más)

200 Tickets: Dance! with p'alante and Blender

With this entry are 200. Seis meses de blog que celebramos con un tema del último disco de P’ALANTE y unos renderizados hechos con Blender: “Reflections” as the title indicates, they reflect the theme of the same. “Within four walls” es el título del disco y el tema utilizado se denominaCanción desesperada”. 17 topics… (leer más)

Images RayTracing: Spheres with Raytracing [ rendered with Blender ]

Something light for the weekend, RayTracing an image of a scene consisting of spheres and planes, with a high level of recursion and transparency effects with the model “Fresnel”. An example of the beauty of the images you can get free software Blender. Other rendering engines as Yafray (that… (leer más)

3D Animation, Objects: Edit meshes [Blogs experimental] [ Blender ]

The editing in Blender allows, from the basic primitives (sphere, plane, cone…) generate complex surfaces recreate the objects we use in our animations.

The editing process is outlined in a reduced set of actions that are repeated until starting to approximate the surface to the object desired:

3D Animation, Objects: Add and edit screens [Blogs experimental] [ Blender ]

Un programa de modelado y edición de imagen sintética parte de un conjunto de objetos elementales denominados “graphics primitives” que mediante la edición de sus vértices, edges or faces, permite la creación de modelos con formas complejas.

3D Animation, Lights: Tipos [Blogs experimental] [Blender]

One of the most important aspects in creating an image synthesis is the definition of the elements that illuminate the scene. Blender allows you to define different objects that add lighting to the objects that make up a scene. We will introduce the different types of lights and their basic characteristics, en una primera… (leer más)

The importance of textures in image synthesis

One of the aspects that provide greater credibility to a synthetic image, along with the lighting, are the textures applied to objects. After the geometric definition of the elements of a scene, properties apply to objects that give the color, roughness, brightness etc.. Este conjunto de propiedades se engloban… (leer más)

Parametric Design Synthesis image: Helicoids

A helix is ​​a surface generated by moving a straight line with two movements: A rotation around an axis or core, and a translation in the direction of said shaft. You can generate complex animations from repetition and simple processing elements. El helicoide es de aplicación en estructuras arquitectónicas y… (leer más)

Raytracing: Playing with Light and Textures with Blender

The light and textures play a key role when rendering a scene. This article uses a single model that has been assigned different material properties (textures) y en el que hemos ido cambiando las propiedades de la dureza de la sombra que genera un punto de… (leer más)

Sleep Away de Bob Acri. Sphere and Plane with Raytracing [ Blender ]

Bob acri

A relaxing musical composition is the basis to support a minimalist dance between a sphere and a plane.

A very simple yet progressive rendering in all its complexity, in which the “Raytracing” He brings his peculiar brilliance to the scene that is synchronized with the music.

A didactic example of the possibilities of animation software “Blender” in a small fragment that can be built in a weekend.