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Investment: Table mental gymnastics processing elements

What is a table of mental gymnastics? We can say that is a set of exercises that serve to stimulate reasoning, develop and maintain an agile mind, automate processes calculation and analysis etc..
In the subjects of geometry we can propose a problem and make slight variations to any of the data. Variability problem will create families of exercises that emphasize one or more concepts of interest.

Reversing a point. 10 constructions for obtaining [I- Metrics]

One recommendation I always do my students is to try to solve the same problem in different ways, instead of many times the same problems with almost similar statements.

We see a problem with metric or projective approaches in each case.

In one of my last classes we propose are obtaining the inverse of a point, an investment in the center and power is known. The proposed statement was as follows:

Since the square in Figure, in which one vertex is the center of inversion and the opposite vertex is a double point, determining the inverse of the point A (adjacent vertex).

Animation : Armatures en Blender : ¿Qué es la cinemática inversa?

Cuando movemos un elemento articulado como por ejemplo el brazo de un robot, decimos que estamos moviendo una cadena articulada. El brazo se encontrará sujeto en un punto y querremos situar su extremo opuesto en otro diferente (seguramente para alcanzar un objeto).

La solución a este problema no será única en la mayoría de los casos, habiendo múltiples soluciones que conduzcan este extremo a su destino mediante la rotación de los diferentes elementos de la cadena.

Geometric transformations : Correlations Vs homographies


Geometric transformations can be understood as a set of geometric operations that create a new figure from a previously given, invariants and properties obtained in these. The new figure is called “homologous” or correlative of the original depending on the nature of the transformation of its basic elements.

3D Animation, Modifiers: Array: Helical staircase [Blogs experimental] [ Blender ]

Geometry modifiers for transforming simple elements to complex objects that serve to build our scenarios. Here's an example that will allow us to form a spiral staircase ( straight axial helical) from a simple step that will apply a repetitive transformation law. A transformation of great interest are the “Arrays”,… (leer más)

Boolean operations in solid modeling

There is a technique for obtaining complex volumes from the addition or subtraction of other simpler volumes called “primitive”; operations such solids are known as “Boolean operations”. Primitivas Los diferentes programas de modelado (3D edition) used to create animated scenes and characters, incorporan entre sus herramientas la… (leer más)