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Manuel de Falla

Manuel de Falla y Matheu (Cadiz, España, 23 November 1876 – Alta Gracia, Argentina, 14 November 1946) it was a Spanish nationalist composer.

With Isaac Albéniz and Enrique Granados, is one of the most important musicians of the first half of the twentieth century in Spain. (in)

Today we dawned with a new image in the Google portal we remember the date of birth of the brilliant composer Manuel de Falla.

Throughout the day I have heard several talk radio in highlighting the quality of his work and, most surprising to me, there is difficulty in determining the authorship of some.

Your image will be latent in our minds thanks to the appearance of his portrait in one of the largest circulation banknotes, that of 100 pesetas.

I leave a Morphing with some of the most famous images of the author.

As a tribute to his artistic work, the Bank of Spain decided to use a picture of Manuel de Falla in the front of the bills of 100 pesetas, that were issued from 19 November of 1965. This ticket was the most outstanding during the decade of the 1970, until because inflacciónin 1982 the decision was made to mint coins 100 pesetas. The ticket 100 ESP with the effigy of Manuel de Falla then began to be withdrawn by banks, but remained legal tender until the introduction of Euro. (W)