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Sketchfab : ideal for 3D files

Do you want to add a 3D object can be manipulated in your blog? Would you like to share your models with the community? Youtube-as it allows us to watch videos and incorporate them into our spaces of communication, There are tools to share 3D content.
We have seen some repository of 3D models dedicated to the world of space exploration as the “Celestia Motherlode” NASA, You can download these models in some relevant formats.
Sketchfab is a platform to host and share our 3D models, which allows to visualize them embedded in our blog.

Larva [ Animation ]

3D animation shorts are one subgenre of minor animation to recreate in few seconds very complex social environments. They serve to give personality to television networks or as plug-ins between spaces to adjust their certeleras.

Larva is a series of computer animation that recounts the adventures and misadventures of characters living in a sewer. The main actors are two larvae, with one friendship more than debatable, one yellow and one red whose purpose is to eat.

Abiogenesis (Short Film) de Richard Mans

The “Abiogenesis” It is considered a natural process of generation of life from inorganic compounds present in nature.

Richard Mans presents his personal interpretation of this concept in his work “Abiogenesis”. A short of great thematic depth and a special beauty that make it worthy of our praise.

11 Paper Place [ Blender ]

Cualquier rincón de nuestro entorno puede servir para crear una bella historia de amor. Cualquier objeto, con un toque de magia puede humanizarse y expresar los mundos interiores de sus creadores.
Las escuelas de arte son cada vez más prolijas en jóvenes talentos a los que sólo hay que darles un pequeño soporte técnico, un poco de dirección artística y un voto de confianza. Los resultados se pueden ver en sus trabajos.
Daniel Houghton dirije en el Middlebury College a un equipo de alumnos con los que, en un año, ha creado este bello corto de animación realizado íntegramente en Blender.

Modelado e iluminación para un mundo de texturas monocolor. Un interesante experimento de animación.

GIF animado 3D

An animated GIF file is constructed from a sequence of images that show then sequentially.

You can generate an animated GIF file that produces the sensation of depth, Podremos realize that without 3D glasses, by an optical effect or optical illusion, deceiving the senses; These files are constructed by superimposing two vertical bands on the sides of the image.

Tango Project: Recovery of three-dimensional environment with a mobile

Many of the things we can see in a science fiction movie actually end up with the passage of time. One of the most interesting ideas that I could see in the movie “Prometheus” was the use of a small “drones” sphere-shaped allowing exploration, automatically, del entorno en… (leer más)

Caminandes: Gran Dillama

Caminandes is the brainchild of a team of artists, made entirely with Blender. Walking born as a small short animation made by Pablo Vazquez, Beorn Leonard, Francesco Siddi y in January Morgenstern.

In his first comically chronicles the adventures of a flame to cross a road in southern Patagonia, trying to prove the feasibility of creating a complete animated short story, Free time its creators.

En Passant : A musical made with Blender

A musical, made with Blender, is the latest jewel in the animations made with free software.

Above 40 artists have worked for about two years in this exciting production that shows the ability of this suite of modeling and animation software, incorporating editing and post-production tools.
Chris Burton read together with Z. Raphaely us vibrate with this delicious fruit art work of its creators.

Caminandes [Video][Animation][ Blender ]

Caminandes is a small animated short made by Pablo Vazquez, Beorn Leonard, Francesco Siddi y in January Morgenstern.

Comically tells of the adventures of a flame to cross a road in southern Patagonia.

With Caminandes the authors have tried to prove the feasibility of creating a complete animated short story, in his spare time.

Cronopios and Famas

Juan Pablo Bouza presents a video composed of 10 short stories made with free software “Open Source Software” both animation as in the treatment and final editing audio. Two years of work with a team of 5-7 people have resulted in this adaptation of a literary classic.

An animated feature film made about the stories of Julio Cortázar

Lifted – Pixar [ Video ] [ Animation ]


The Pixar animated shorts combine an impeccable technique with funny scripts where cute characters allow us to enjoy situations, in some cases, rather paradoxical. Lifted presents an alien “rookie” that is certified to abduct humans. Unos simples controles en manos inexpertas pueden crear situaciones… (leer más)